Prevention and Preparedness, Resilience and Recovery:

An IWBI Special Report

Prevention and Preparedness, Resilience and Recovery:
An IWBI Special Report provides science-backed and evidence-based insights and proven strategies to guide people in managing both their buildings and their organizations in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and the acute health threats that are sure to come.

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What Guides Us: Evidence, Equity, Education

Informed by scientific research and the input of nearly 600 members of the IWBI Task Force on COVID-19 and Other Respiratory Infections, the Special Report sets a path forward that prioritizes not only health, well-being and safety, but also mental health, sustainability and a more just society for the future.

The Special Report provides guidance on:


The shifting needs for office design in the future


The duality of sustainability for people and planet


The value of immune system strengthening, mental resilience, community resilience and support as workers return to the office


The critical importance of air and water quality, emergency preparedness, ergonomics and remote work


How the growing prominence of well-being in commercial real estate impacts our future


The changing landscape of public health, considering architects, designers and engineers as a part of the public health ecosystem


The impact of the pandemic on health equity, with a focus on supporting vulnerable communities in our recovery


What to expect and how to implement changes across healthcare, schools and universities, senior living, airports and travel, hotels and hospitality, sports venues and more

Driving an Equitable Recovery

We know that organizations have a critical role to play in creating places where everyone has an equal opportunity to do their best work, to be healthy and well, and ultimately to thrive. No one can be left behind. The Special Report establishes a 360-degree approach to preparedness and resilience that looks to the future to make sure we all get to where we are going, together.