Health and well-being generates demand and yields healthy returns


Health is a non-negotiable
  • ✓ 57% of homeowners value health and

well-being more than energy savings.1

  • ✓ 69% of homeowners prioritize physical and mental health more than they did a year ago.1


Investments in health pay back
  • ✓ Nava Real Estate's WELL Certified residential property experienced a spike in sales and a 3% reduction in the sales timeline after certification.2
  • ✓ New residences sell for 6-11.7% more and renovated homes sell for 12.7% more when verified through a third-party program.3,4

Built on a foundation of health. 

WELL for residential is informed by the WELL Standard and developed by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI). It marks the latest innovation from IWBI, the global authority for transforming health and well-being in buildings, organizations and communities.
IWBI administers the WELL Standard, the leading global standard for health and well-being, which relies on cutting-edge science to help deliver people-first places.


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